We need your help! Organizing 2.0 online survey

Dear Leading Change Network Community:

Organizing 2.0, a project of LCN, needs your input! We’re developing new workshop curriculum on (re)strategizing and want to learn from your experiences as campaigners and trainers. Please complete this online survey by January 4th – it should take about 15-20 minutes. If you have specific resources to share, please email them to melanie.vant@gmail.com

Background on the (Re)Strategizing Team: The (Re)Strategizing team developed this survey as part of their research and learning plan to create new workshop and teaching curricula.  Many of our current teaching resources focus on introducing the concept of strategizing and equipping a new campaign to develop a strategy and action plan for its launch. The (Re)Strategizing team is building on that curriculum to answer this question:

What framework and capacity do campaigns need to (re)strategize as they (and others) are out acting in the world?  

The Survey Plan: We’re interested in learning from the LCN community – how do you and your teams (re)strategize? Who decides when it’s time to revise goals, campaigns, or tactics? Do you scrap the old plan and come up with a new plan? Negotiate with the opposition?  What structures and capacity do you need to restrategize? We want to hear the nitty-gritty details of how you do the work and the lessons you’ve learned – by success or failure, trial and error.

We’ll review the responses (and any resources you can share) to identify teaching points and examples for the curriculum. We aim to complete a set of interviews and some expansive desk research by the end of January, and share and test workshop curriculum in February – so stay tuned for more ways to contribute to the Organizing 2.0 (re)strategizing team!

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and lessons learned with us!

Drew, Althea, Joe, and Melanie

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