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Dear Leading Change Network Community,

It is time for our third online learning room on 23 November 2013 from 11am -12:30pm EST. This time, we focus on Public Narrative: Domination, Loss, Difference and Change With Marshall Ganz.

Many of us have learned the value of public narrative for telling our story of self, us, and now. The real test of public narrative, however, is whether it helps inspire the courage – in ourselves and in others – to respond to urgent challenges with purposeful action. And some challenges are far more challenging than others.

In this learning room we discuss how to use public narrative to confront four of them: power, loss, difference and change. Do we respond to domination with a story of resistance or of compliance? Do we respond to difference with a story of inclusion or exclusion? Do we respond to loss with a story of redemption or contamination? Do we respond to change with a story of rejection, accommodation, reform, or revolution?

In this session we review the basics of public narrative, focus on these four key challenges, and consider ways we can use narrative to enable purposeful action.

Registration will be open until Nov. 19
Please note that this session is advanced public narrative and is open to those who have in the past learned public narrative- story of self, us, and now. 
Marshall Ganz
Leading Change Network

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