Organizing Notes in Arabic

Leading Change Network is pleased to share the Organizing Notes 2013 by Marshall Ganz in Arabic.

Arabic notes

In the past three years, Marshall Ganz has mentored Nisreen Haj Ahmad and a team of 30 organizing coaches support community organizing in Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia. Nisreen and team established and through which they coach campaigns and share their learning. Up to date, they have trained over a 1200 people and 6 campaigns. They have recently translated Marshall Ganz’ organizing notes to Arabic and are sharing it widely with activists and community leaders in the Arab world. The notes were originally written in English in 2004 by Marshall Ganz to capture the value based organizing framework that he experienced and evolved working in the field in different campaigns and movements primarily the farmers movement and Sierra Club. He evolves them every year and uses them in his teaching at Harvard Kennedy School. The Arabic version of the notes are now accessible both on our Leading Change Network resource center click here and accessible on Mujtama3i platform to read and download click here. 

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