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Dear friends,

Exciting, challenging and rewarding six months for Ahel. We wanted to share our news and activities: coaching community campaigns, training leaders, and capturing our learning all along. You will also find mention of interesting campaigns and activists from the region with whom we have proudly worked. We encourage you to know more about them.

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English newsletter: http://bit.ly/15X0nPy

Arabic newsletter: http://bit.ly/17MWUWf

First and last paragraphs below –

“Six months passed since our last newsletter. During those six months Ahel conducted ten training workshops for 170 organizers and community leaders. Some focused on public narrative, others on community organizing or campaign strategy, or recruitment and team building.  We trained in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon where we also coached three campaigns: the Right to Work, Sadaqa, and Love in the Time of Apartheid. Along with this experience we captured what we were learning and posting it 6 reflection notes on mujtama3i.org. We also published 8 posts that show case and learn from campaigns in the Arab world.

This past year has witnessed a lot of action in the region- some inspiring hope and others painful and disappointing. All however confirmed our conviction that building community leadership and creating a network of organizers rooted in values and capable of collective action is a necessary and urgent investment. Such leadership and organization will be ready to act when social and political challenges and opportunities arise”


Ahel Team  ~

Nisreen Haj Ahmad

Mais Irqsusi

Reem Manna

Dana Samour


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