Global Gathering Plenary Slides

On July 27th, 2013, 140 people from at least 28 countries convened for our first Leading Change Network (LCN) Global Gathering. To organize the Global Gathering, an LCN Leadership Team of Dan Grandone, Nisreen Haj Ahmad, Predrag Stojicic, Hope Wood, Nizar Farsakh, Nikola Ilic, Gerta Dhamo, Rawan Zeine, Maja Honda, and Mais Irqsusi worked together to set the agenda, identify and support session leaders, recruit attendees, test the online conference technology, and evaluate the session’s outcomes. The five-hour online session brought together organizers, trainers, researchers, and educators who work in a wide variety of fields, communities, and countries to launch five new collaborative learning opportunities. Participants also held a round of one-on-ones, creating a foundation for future coaching, collaboration, and support; and participated in six “Learning Rooms” to deepen their skills, broaden their relationships, and share best practices. At the end of these breakouts, participants reconvened to evaluate the session, share their key learnings, and commit to joining LCN’s new projects. Below you will find the link to the power point presentation from the event.


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