Mobilizing Ideas


The following is a link to courses being taught on social movements around the US, some of which are more actor centered than others, but which could be a valuable source of case studies as well as other pedagogical approaches.


Mobilizing Ideas ( has just launched a new essay dialogue focusing on the teaching dimension of our role as social movement scholars.  As professors across the country craft their syllabi for the new academic year, it’s worth asking some analytical as well as practical questions about the challenges of teaching social movements in an academic setting.  Our goal is to provide fresh ideas, perspectives, and even inspiration to faculty who are gearing up to teach movement courses during the coming academic year.   Contributors were highly recommended by their peers for excellent teaching and include David Cunningham (Brandeis), Nancy Davis (DePauw), Peter Dreier (Occidental), Dick Flacks (UCSB), and Brian Obach (SUNY New Paltz).


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