China Organizing Workshop

Dear Friends,

Below is a link to the organizing workshop that we conducted with 64 NGO leaders at Peking University, December 12-15. It was a collaboration between the Hauser Center here and the Civil Society Center there, sponsored by the Sun Culture Foundation.


Click for Video of Workshop


In the four day workshop we introduced participants to our 5 practice organizing framework, explored the relationship between online and offline organizing, and created a venue in which NGO leaders could learn from each other. In order to make this work we needed to be able to organize participants into 8 learning teams, each coached by a trained facilitators or teaching fellows. Our colleagues at Peking University recruited a team of 8 undergraduate and graduate students with whom my students, Huang Hue (HDS) and Serena Zhang (Harvard College) could work: taking them through the workshop they would be asked to facilitate in weekly online sessions, working with them on translations, visuals, and adaptation of our material to the Chinese context.

As you’ll see in the video, after the first day, each day began with three participants presenting “cases” of their particular NGO’s. This was followed by on our four faculty members presenting. And each afternoon was devoted to organizing. The first afternoon was on story of self and relationships; second afternoon team structure and story of us; the third afternoon, strategizing; and the fourth afternoon, story of now, action and linking. I introduced organizing the first morning; Colin Mcclay of the Berkman Center focused on new media the second day; Prof. Zhang presented research on the Green River Case, an example of successful environmental advocacy in China; and Prof. Shi presented on civil society in China the last morning. Following the last session we had a celebration in which each team presented a “skit” which demonstrated what their “takeaway” was from the workshop.

Overall, as I think the slides indicate, this was one of the most creative, funny, and discipline group of participants with whom it has been my pleasure to work. Enjoy.




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